Family Fun House

This large family home has seven bedrooms and an outdoor cabana that features a home theatre system. Smart Home Solutions provided a complete solution for A/V throughout the home, integrated with automated systems for lighting, security and communications.

The Smart Home Solution

After detailed consulting with the owner and his wife, it was clear that the backbone of the this smart home would be the Philips Dynalite control system – in fact it was Smart Home Solution’s expertise with this product that helped the owner decide on engaging them at the outset.

Quality music and video are important to the owners, but perhaps a more important concern for the family was security and the peace of mind it brings. All of this was taken care of by Smart Home Solutions.

In summary, Smart Home Solutions provided:

  • Whole-house audio with eleven zones, using Crestron as the main control interface
  • Distribution of Pay-TV, DVD and security camera video throughout the home for convenience, security and remote access control. This included the ability to monitor the front door and allow entry from the outdoor cabana / home theatre
  • Smart lighting control from Dynalite, which also served as the backbone of the home automation system
  • A complete communications network incorporating digital PABX phone system, internet, LAN, fax, intercom and access control
  • Comprehensive security including back-to-base monitoring, surveillance cameras with recording capability, remote telephone access and internet monitoring capability

Customer Testimonial

“We would definitely recommend Smart Home Solutions,” said the owner, a pharmacist in Sydney’s Inner West. “They provide a quality product and back it up with quality service. In the 18 months since we finished the house their backup and support has been excellent.”

A big part of what made the project run smoothly was in the planning. “It was planned perfectly, which gave us peace of mind,” said the owner. “They worked together with our electrician and lighting consultant, and there were no glitches. It just made things easy for us.”

When asked for his favourite feature, he replied quickly. “The security – with full access control and an intercom system. I can relax here.” And his wife’s favourite feature? One button lockdown of the whole house, and one button entry. “It’s so easy, and I never need to worry if I’ve missed something or if I’ll set off the alarm by mistake.”

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference.