Sustainable Smart Homes

Smart home technology provides many opportunities for achieving more sustainable outcomes in home design. By partnering with us, you have access to the latest in energy management technology and a team of professionals with extensive experience in integrating that technology into smart homes.

Benefits of sustainable smart home technology

1) Reduced environmental impact

Managing energy and water usage can reduce unnecessary consumption in a number of ways – for example by ensuring systems are active only when needed, by controlling window furnishings to maximise natural light, shade or ventilation, or by activating watering systems only as needed during the cooler hours.

2) Improved quality of life

A smart home takes care of heating, cooling, lighting, watering and more without the occupants needing to think about them. The indoor environment can be maintained at ideal temperature and lighting levels using natural light and warmth whenever possible. Comfort and convenience are never compromised.

Most importantly, a well designed system will be simple to use, and has the flexibility to adapt to changing user demands.

3) Economic benefits

Incorporating technology for energy and water management into a home automation system is not only a more sustainable approach, but makes economic sense too. Managing energy and water usage can deliver significant savings on power and water bills, and Smart Meters can deliver greater savings by using off-peak power wherever possible.

Energy efficiency can also increase a home’s value, with higher energy ratings through schemes like NABERS being increasingly correlated to higher home values.

Philips Dynalite for Energy Management and Water Management

Philips Dynalite are our key energy and water management systems partner. As a certified Philips Dynalite Dimension Dealer, Smart Home Solutions can design and install a complete and integrated system for lighting, home automation and energy and water management, all under the one roof.

The Philips Dynalite system offers:

1) Comprehensive solutions for integrating energy and water management into the smart home
2) Complete control over integrated A/V, lighting, HVAC, window furnishings and irrigation systems
3) Unlimited capability for custom programming to provide tailored solutions for every client
4) A huge range of stylish and intuitive user interfaces to meet all operational and design requirements

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