Home Networking

A home network is fast becoming a mandatory inclusion in the smart home. It’s not just for computers – a vast range of A/V products now offer access to music and video over the internet and the home network is the key to accessing this.

The latest TVs now provide access to internet-based video channels. Blu-ray players connect to the internet to provide exclusive additional content. And there’s a huge world of music out there waiting for you to discover it.

For computing at home, a wired network is still the best way to go. For guaranteed speed, reliability and security, it is far superior to a wireless network. Of course, the best time to install a wired network is during building or renovating.

Smart Home Solutions will design and install your home network with present and future capability in mind - meeting your needs in entertainment, computing and communications now and well into the future.

Best of all, we do it all ourselves without resorting to external IT contractors so what you get is a complete, integrated system that does what it is designed to do – make your lifestyle simpler and more enjoyable.