Home Security & Home Access Control

Integrating your home security system and access control system into your home automation design makes a lot of sense. Not only does it provide the ultimate in security but it adds a new level of convenience to your lifestyle. Smart Home Solutions have the expertise to bring these systems together to make them work for you.

Home Security

Smart Home Solutions integrates security systems in the connected home, allowing the alarm, lighting and closed circuit cameras to be managed from a single control panel.

Closed circuit television, remote cameras and sensors give you in-house and remote monitoring. Integrated distribution of these cameras can give you the facility to monitor from any TV screen in the home. Network interfacing of these systems can then give you the facility of viewing any of these cameras from anywhere in the world in real time via the web or your smart phone. Integration to the access control system can provide automatic arming and all our systems are remote monitoring ready.

Lighting can also be programmed with an "Away" mode to supplement the core security system, generating random lighting scenes throughout the evening to give the home a lived in look whilst unoccupied.

Integrated security systems give you peace of mind, safety, and cost savings on your home insurance premium.

Access Control

From a simple gate station integrated to a phone system to a complex managed and monitored multi-entry system, Smart Home Solutions can engineer a solution providing you with total security and ease of operation.

Integration to other systems can activate lighting, security systems and even open the gate or front door from your audio visual remote or any lighting control panel in the home.

Integrated key fobs and proximity readers can give you keyless entry and access anywhere in the home and surrounding grounds.

With a system like this coming home will always be a pleasure. Imagine this:

On approaching your home you press the first button on your key fob to open the main gate. Pressing the second button opens the garage door, the third deactivates the security and the fourth releases the access door into the home and activates the welcome home scene switching on lighting, air conditioning and opening blinds.