Control Systems

Imagine being able to set the mood in your home by controlling lights, music, curtains and heating with the touch of a button. Prepare your home for a welcoming return on your office computer or even your phone. Turn off all the lights in the house with the flick of a switch at your bedside. Heard a strange noise outside? One button will turn on all exterior lights. It’s all possible, using one of Smart Home Solutions’ control systems.

It’s the smarts behind the smart home. And as you will use it every day, it needs to work for you, not the other way around. This is where professional design and programming by Smart Home Solutions’ accredited team comes in.

Smart home control systems

At Smart Home Solutions we’re certified partners with most leading brands of control systems – Philips Dynalite, Clipsal Cbus, Crestron Control Systems, RTI Controls and Vantage.

This means we can recommend, design and install the control system solution that suits you best.

Philips Dynalite

Philips Dynalite systems offer solutions for lighting control, energy management and complete home automation. Designed to be flexible and open, Philips Dynalite systems can be integrated with other brands easily and will allow for integration of new technologies as they appear. Smart Home Solutions are a certified Philips Dynalite Dimension Dealer and master programmers of these systems.

Clipsal & C-Bus Control Systems

One of the most popular control systems in Australia, Clipsal C-Bus offers both wired and wireless solutions for integrated control of lighting, entertainment, air conditioning, and security – pretty much anything that plugs in! Smart Home Solutions are a Certified CBus integrator.

Crestron Control Solutions

Crestron is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems for the commercial and residential environments. Smart Home Solutions are certified Crestron programmers.


RTI makes using today's technology easy with a complete line of home control solutions. With the ability to control the home theatre, whole house audio, lighting, HVAC and security to name a few, RTI provides a simple, unified interface for today's home control demands.


Vantage Controls are a provider of home control systems for the luxury market. Their products integrate the range of home automation systems from lighting to security, entertainment and comfort systems.

Which control system is for you?

Which of these systems is right for you? There are many factors to consider, so please contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to help.