Smart Home Design

The successful integration of smart home systems requires careful design to ensure compatibility and that the systems meet your current needs and allow for expansion in the future. At Smart Home Solutions our design engineers not only have extensive expertise across the gamut of smart home systems but also understand how to make these systems work for you.

Design philosophy

The focus of the Smart Home Solutions design process is to give you value for money – whether your budget is big or small. Our goal is to design a complete system that integrates harmoniously within your home so that you enjoy the full benefits of every individual element. In a well-designed system, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Everything works together perfectly to create an experience that would not be possible any other way. Smart Home Solutions have the design and engineering expertise to make that happen for you. That’s how we deliver real value for our clients.

Design process

The design process commences with a detailed consultation session. This consultation will provide you with current information about the technologies, tools and systems available so informed choices can be made. It will clear the haze that is often associated with seemingly complex technologies. Smart Home Solutions will also carry out a review and analysis of existing design documentation such as Architectural Drawings, Engineering Plans, Electrical Layout, Reflective Ceiling Plans, Lighting Design etc. and prepare an extensive and detailed design in accordance with the design brief.

Our design package

The Smart Home Solutions Design Package documentation will include Job Specification, Wiring Schematics, Circuit Schedules, Cable Schedules as well as extensive CAD Drawings. This package will also contain general technical documentation relating to wiring standards, cabling structure and product specific technical data… all this to ensure contractors install cabling and equipment exactly how it was intended and to a standard deserving of a quality home. These resulting designs can then be utilised as part of the electrical tendering process. The detail and accuracy of these designs will eliminate interpretation from prospective contractors resulting in tenders that can be accurately compared against each other and a project that will proceed with a minimum of variations.