Energy & Water Management Systems

A truly smart home is one that is smart enough to manage energy and water usage for you. This not only benefits the environment – it provides measurable financial benefits too, both in reduced energy and water bills and in added resale value for your home. Smart Home Solutions can provide you with everything you need to make your home energy and water smart.

Energy Management

There are multiple ways in which your smart home can reduce energy consumption. Smart Home Solutions are a leader in designing smart systems that harness technology to better manage energy usage by only using what is necessary, when it’s necessary. Some of these technologies include:

Light Sensors

It’s so simple – lights that come on when you enter a room and turn off after you’ve left. Smart sensors also detect ambient light levels to ensure lights don’t come on if the room is already well lit. They also know what time of day it is and can respond accordingly, by dimming down late at night for example.

Smart Meters

A smart meter can save you money by using off-peak electricity for many of your home’s requirements. For example, your pool pump can be set to run at night, or your floor heating can run in the hours before dawn. Smart Home Solutions have been working with smart meters since their introduction and are leaders in the design of systems to take advantage of this new technology.

Managed Window Furnishings

By controlling your window coverings you can control the transmission and retention of heat and light. Smart Home Solutions can design a system to automatically open louvers to let in light and warmth on a cool day, or to allow for circulation of breezes when it’s hot. Light and temperature sensors work with automated blinds and other fittings to take care of these functions without you having to think about it. Blinds and louvers can even be programmed to track the sun throughout the day, optimising the benefits of natural light and warmth.

The energy savings through these types of measures can be significant. This not only reduces your power bill but also adds considerable value to your home.

Complete Control

The stand-by energy consumption of most homes is roughly equal to the home’s energy consumption for lighting, and it’s increasing every year. With a smart energy management system you’re able to quickly and easily shut down most appliances to eliminate this energy wastage. It’s all about using energy only when it’s needed – but retaining simplicity and convenience too.

Smart lighting control can also reduce energy consumption. For example, we set our lighting control to run lights at a maximum of 80% of full power. This not only saves energy but also greatly increases the working life of the lamp itself.

Energy Efficient Products

It can be hard to know which products are the most energy efficient, or which provide the best balance of performance and energy efficiency. Smart Home Solutions can help here – as authorised partners for most of the big names in smart home technologies we can advise on which products deliver the performance you need with the minimum energy consumption. We’re not locked in to any specific brands so you know you’ll be getting clear and objective advice.

Water Management

Smart home technology also helps you manage water usage in and around the home. The same system that controls your lighting, heating, A/V and security can also control your garden’s irrigation system using a combination of timer controls and soil moisture sensors. Water is only used when it’s needed, and within the allowable times according to any current water restrictions.